Latvian Go Federation

Riga Open Go Tournament 2011

May 19, 2011


1. Aims and objectives
  • Popularization of Go game
  • Raising the mastership of the players, clarification of player ratings

2. Venue
  • The final tournament will be held on 28th of May 2011 at the Latvian University facilities (Rainis boulevard 19)

3. Organizators of the Tournament
The tournament is organized by the Latvian Go Federation with the support of the University of Latvia. The tournament accomplishing is provided by the organizing committee (chairman – Ingars Ribners) and the board of judges (general judge – Oksana Ščeguļnaja-Dubrovska)

4. Participants
Anyone may participate in the Tournament if registrated by the e-mail, and has paid the memberships fees.

5. Rules
  • Registration for the Tournament is valid from the 1st till the 19th of May
  • If more than 16 participants will be registered, part of the tournament (further called "Selection tournament" in this regulation) will be held individually from the 20th till the 27th of May so that no more than 5 rounds remain for 28th of May.
    • Selection tournament will be held from the 20th of the May till the 27th of May and at this time each participant will be playing certain games with certain opponents.
    • Selection tournament will be held according to the Swiss system, time control - 30 minutes + (byoyomi) 30 seconds (3 periods), komi - 6.5 points, the choices of colors in all parties - nigiri, rules - Japanese. Pairs are determined by drawing of lots.
    • It is recommended to use internet go server KGS (;
    • It is required that for each game of the selection tournament a game record in SGF format is prepared and sent to the following e-mail address (if a game in KGS server was played, an internet link to this KGS game to the above e-mail address must be sent)
  • The final toyrnament will be held according to the Swiss system, time control - 30 minutes + (byoyomi) 30 seconds (3 periods), komi - 6.5 points, the choices of colors in all parties - nigiri, rules - Japanese. Pairs are determined by drawing of lots.
  • If a participant has missed the beginning of his game in the final tournament less than 15 minutes, his opponent has the right to choose the color, but if the participant has missed more than 15 minutes, then the party is counted as a lost for him.

6. Timetable
Till the 19th of May (12 o’clock)		Registration for the Tournament
Till the 20th of May (12 o’clock)		Selection tournament game list and pairs determination
Till the 27th of May (12 o’clock)	        Selection tournament games
Till the 28th of May (9 o’clock)		Final tournament game list and pairs determination
28th of May					        Final tournament (draft, exact order will be specified on the 
                                                                tournament day) 
		8:45–9:15		– Registration of participants, tea
		9:15			– opening of the final tournament
		9:30–11:00	– 1st round
		11:00–12:30	– 2st round
		12:30–14:00	– 3st round
		14:00–14:30	– the break, tea
		14:30–16:00	– 4st round
		16:00–17:30	– 5st round
		17:30–18:00	– the conclusion of the results, tea
		18:00		– rewarding the winners, closing of the tournament

7. Winners and rewards
  • The places are determined by the score.
  • The winner will be rewarded with the cup, diploma and the prize.
  • The participants which have taken the 2nd and 3rd places, will rewarded with diplomas and the prizes.

8. Expenses and Participation fee
  • All the organization expenses related to the tournament will be covered by the organizers of the tournament.
  • Participation fee:
    • For those who are living and/or working in Latvia – for free;
    • For others – 15 EUR
    Bank information for participation fee payments:
          Receiver: Latvijas GO Federācija;
          Reg. nr.: 40008111376;
          Bank: Swedbank AS (SWIFT: HABALV22);
          Account: LV79HABA0551026378812

9. Registration
Advance registration to the tournament is mandatory. Applications must be sent in electronic form to the address In application must be shown: your name, surname, personal identity number (if you are from Latvia), your skill level in Go (official EGF rank or KGS rank), your KGS nickname (if you have one).

10. Etiquette
The organizers will pay attention to strict Go tournament rules and etiquette observation, in particular – in the place where the tournament will be held it is prohibited to smoke and use alcoholic drinks, to be intoxicated at the tournament place. Players who violate this rule will be disqualified without further notice.

11. Tournament information
This regulation as well as all the actual information about the tournament, including the news and results, will be published in home page of the Latvian Go federation:

This regulation is an oficial invitation to the tournament.

Kravchenko Dmitry Ermalovich Kirill Nagla Ilmars Caics Juris Schekochihin Evgeny Livens Martins Stanislavska Karina Ratnieks Peteris Ostrovskis Arnolds Bonders Eriks Kivitis Janis Kirijaks Leonids
Kravchenko Dmitry                        
Ermalovich Kirill 1/1*
Nagla Ilmars 3/1
Caics Juris   3/2
Schekochihin Evgeny 4/1
Livens Martins   2/2
Stanislavska Karina 2/1
Ratnieks Peteris     4/5
Ostrovskis Arnolds             3/6
Bonders Eriks       4/3
Kivitis Janis           4/4
Kirijaks Leonids         2/4
* RoundNo/TableNo (ResultLeft-ResultUp)

Achieved places
4Kravchenko, Dmitry(1 место)
3Ermalovich, Kirill(2-3 место)
3Nagla, Ilmars(2-3 место)
2Caics, Juris
2Schekochihin, Evgeny
2Livens, Martins
2Stanislavska, Karina
2Ratnieks, Peteris
2Ostrovskis, Arnolds
1Bonders, Eriks
1Kivitis, Janis
0Kirijaks, Leonids